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If you're tired of fighting for every client, resorting to discounts and lowering your price (profit) to get the business this is the most important product you will ever buy.

  • Convert More Leads With No Additional Effort
  • Easily Take Business From Your Competitors
  • Point Out Samples You Like, Our Designers Do The Rest

Specialty Beer Cellar Business Card Testimonial

Clear Plastic Business Cards Set You Apart from the Competition

You know your competitors don't think twice about undercutting your bid and stealing your client. It's a race to the bottom where everyone loses and your product is eventually outsourced off shore and your clients are left longing for the days of old when everything wasn't so cheap / low quality! There is an alternative however, and that alternative is quality, being the best, and selling value.

But to be the best your clients need to believe it...

A high quality, durable transparent plastic business card looks different... It feels different... It says YOU ARE DIFFERENT and your prospect will notice. People don't want to buy average and they don't want to buy the lowest cost. Think about why you are on this site, people want the best!

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Transparent Plastic Business Card Samples

We are hands down, your best source for Clear Plastic Cards, and the best first impression for your business. Simply fill out this form to request samples of our Clear Business Cards by mail and see our quality first hand.

Web Designer Transparent Plastic Business Cards Clear Business Card Designer Self Promotion Piece
Clear Business Card Graphic Designer Card Automotive Translucent Plastic Business Card Design
Car Dealer Business Card Plastic Plastic Realty Business Card Self Promotion
Consultant Transparent Plastic Business Card on Clear Plastic Plastic Business Card 19D from Plastic Printers
Translucent Tattoo Business Card Sample Construction Company Business Card Design on Clear Plastic Cards
Designer Translucent Plastic Business Cards Plastic Construction Business Cards on Translucent Plastic

Clear Business Card Stock Versus Frosted

Clear and transparent cards are given screen color tints for frosted appearance with other unique, special effects.

Get Your Own Mustache Business Cards

Transparent Plastic Card Printing is the source for clear plastic cards and transparent cards printed with tint screens, faux frost appearance, and spot or 4 colors to incorporate unique looks for business cards, gift cards, membership cards and more. Use our free quote request to price transparent cards and clear plastic card printing from Plastic Printers. Our expert staff is committed to offering the highest quality clear card printing service preparing designs to fit your needs and budget.

Clear Tinted Plastic Business Card - Photographer

"My new clear business cards are being praised by those who have seen them. I am being told that some people are actually showing them to their friends. I have, in less than a week, heard from three different people, "These are the coolest business cards I have ever seen."

Charles Hunts

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